It's been a year already since Anushka's Bhagamathie came, but nothing else is coming up from the actress so far. However, she looked gorgeous and completely rocking in shape now after she underwent some natural weight-loss procedures.

Recently the Baahubali actress agreed to work in the film "Silence" being directed by Hemant Madhukar and produced by Kona Venkat. The film has Madhavan playing alongside her, while Rana is also rumored to be playing a guest role in it. And then they have Hollywood actor Michael Madsen of Kill Bill fame roped in as the villain.

Late update from this film happens to be a major revelation as Anushka is right now learning sign language for the sake of this role. She will be seen as a deaf and dumb lady if we have to believe, and the director wants her to perform as realistically as possible, for which she is learning the American sign language.

After enthralling audiences for a long time as a glamorous starlet, it looks like Anushka now wants to showcase her other side.